Florida Real Estate Network

Welcome to the Florida Real Estate Network - a referral company. 

The Florida Real Estate Network is a boutique company created for Florida real estate licensees who do not actively engage in listing and selling real estate, but want to enjoy income opportunities derived from referring customers (buyers and seller) to active real estate agents.

Referral Agents do not incur the normal expenses associated with being licensed with traditional brokerages, such as National, State and Local dues, MLS fees, and other brokerage fees.  Yet Referral Agents can legally receive referral commissions through referring customers to active REALTORS®.

The Florida Real Estate Network offers its members several commission plans with annual fees as low as $50.00 per year. 

Acquiring a Florida real estate license is arduous achievement; instead of placing your license inactive join the Florida Real Estate Network and start generating referral income today.

Phone: 239-989-0111    Fax: 239-989-0112     David@CornerStoneCoastal.com

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